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AVG Cleaner Pro APK – The Complete Guide [Download For Free]

AVG Cleaner Pro APK is the best tool to clean junks, optimize RAM and boost your device securely and faster within a few clicks. 😉

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AVG Cleaner Pro APK is one of the best android performance booster apps you can download!

The android operating system is one of the best mobile operating systems in the world. It is a feature-rich operating system. Also, 70.97% of smartphone users are Android users.

The smartphone has become a part of over lives in the 21st century. But, there are some limitations to every android smartphone.

Android system permanently stores junk files in the memory. Is it matters? Yes. It will slow down your smartphone. Affect the user experience. But we don’t need any limitations.

To solve these problems, You need to use an android boosting tool/app. It will help increase the android smartphone by cleaning junk and other unwanted data stored in the device memory.

Android system collects junk files when you use your mobile phone. So, there may be a lot of junk files on your mobile phone if you have never tried to clean junk files.

However, we will introduce you to a great application to optimize the android system. So we would like to tell you to try the AVG Cleaner Pro APK.

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What is AVG Cleaner Pro APK?

AVG Cleaner Pro is always a great app for android. Here is everything you need to know about it!

As we know, most windows users and Android phone users have a few big questions when you buy a phone. The 1st big question comes into your mind. “how much RAM does my phone have” and you find a mobile phone with good RAM.

After a few days, you will have another question! Oops! Why my phone is slow. It has this GB RAM, but it performs slow…! and Why?

Then you will find the reason. There is a lot of junk files in memory. That is the problem. And you will have the 2nd big question on your mind “how to free up memory on my android phone” Woah!

Then you will come to know about junk cleaning apps like AVG Cleaner Pro. But you want the best one, and you are trying to find the best android cleaner.

Hopefully, you can use the AVG Cleaner Pro version developed by AVG mobile company. The app is not just a junk cleaner.

It can help you free up portable phone storage by reducing the size of unwanted image files on your device. So, it is an android cleaner and optimizer.

Now you may have a question, how much is AVG Cleaner Pro? You have to pay a $1.99 monthly subscription fee to use the pro version.

We will show all this simple application’s features from this avg cleaner pro review and download guide.

Quick Photo Optimiser

This simple AVG Cleaner Pro APK application can scan all the files android available in the android system. Then it will automatically detect duplicate/redundant or low-quality photos on the mobile phone.

This way, it can help you optimize those photos and remove unwanted images from memory. However, it does not harm or damage any pictures.

image - optimize photos

After opening the application, you can find a button named “photos.” Once you click on the photo button, AVG Cleaner Pro will analyze the images in your memory.

Then it will come up with a window that contains poor quality, damaged, similar pictures. Just click on review and clean to optimize them.

App Analyser and Remover

Some apps use a lot of RAM space and storage, and sometimes we download apps to run or play for a day. But we can’t remember that there are many unused apps on android memory.

AVG Cleaner Pro can recognize rarely used applications on the system. AVG detects apps that consume too much RAM and storage. This way, you can uninstall those apps from the system.

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Besides, it can pause the application that runs in the background. So, these apps constantly show notifications and run a dozen background activities while you sleep.

AVG Cleaner can solve this problem. So, you can expect better performance from your device because this will help free up the RAM space.

Battery Saver

If you use your android device frequently, you need good battery life. So, you need to save your battery while doing all the activities on your smartphone. That’s why you want a battery saver and optimizer like AVG Cleaner Pro.

You can download a junk cleaning app and battery optimizer separately. However, it can make the RAM usage of your device higher.

AVG Cleaner Pro app is an all-in-one solution to boost the device with many useful features like this. You can use avg battery saver option to save your battery.

image - battery saver

There are four profiles to choose from, including Low battery, Car, Work, Home. You can select the right one according to your usage or needs.

If you are a free version user, you can get a 30-day free trial to try these features.

AVG Cleaner Pro is a Good Junk Files Cleaner

AVG Cleaner Pro can clean all the junk files of your device within a few clicks. It can safely delete any junk files without damaging the files you have on your device.

AVG junk file cleaner is super easy to use. You can watch the video tutorial below to see it in action.

Benefits of using AVG Cleaner Pro APK

  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface.
  • All in one android application ( Junk files cleaner, Battery optimiser, Photo optimiser, RAM booster etc.)
  • Trusted by 50,000,000+ global users.
  • You can find a lot of free tutorials about how to use AVG Cleaner Pro.
  • Cache file cleaner.
  • App hibernation.
  • Low subscription fees.
  • Beautiful user interface with multiple themes to apply.
  • Cloud transfer option.
  • On-time updates.
  • Great help and support team.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK users can enjoy all the features above for free! So we can say this is a must-use android application worth installing.

How to Download and Install AVG Cleaner Pro APK

You can easily download and install the latest version of AVG Cleaner Pro APK from our website.

Here is how to download it for free.

  1. Download the APK file from the download page.
  2. Go to your android settings and turn on “Unknown Sources.”
  3. Go to the download directory and click on the APK file.
  4. It will show you the installation screen. Click next and select install.
  5. Wait until the installation process gets completed.
  6. Enjoy AVG Cleaner Pro for free!

Here is the video tutorial:

It is the premium and pro version of AVG Cleaner Pro APK so that you can use all the premium features for free.

There are many other apps in the market, but we can truest avg before giving access to the system memory.

Some people have a question “is avg cleaner pro safe to use?” as you can see, it is a trusted and safe application according to our review. Also, it has an overall 4.7-star rating in the google play store.

Learn more about the PC version.

Check out the article about the MAC version.


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We will come with a tutorial 🙂 Stay tuned for new updates! You can download AVG Cleaner Pro APK from the link below!

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