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AVG Cleaner Pro is the best tool to clean junks, optimize RAM and boost your device. AVG cleaner pro 4.14.0 APK supported more than 50,000,000+ android devices.

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AVG Cleaner Pro
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09th of August 2019
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AVG Cleaner Pro for Android & Windows, MAC

You can download the AVG Cleaner Pro PC version for windows and install it directly on your computer. You require to install it on your pc before using it.

The PC version has different functions than the android application. However, you can use both software without having any problem.

You have to download the MAC version from the mac app store. It will not take big time.

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Introduction to Download

The application is smart, portable, and straightforward software developed by AVG mobile. Mainly focused on improving the speed and user-friendliness of android devices.  With a huge user base all over the world.

It supports all Android brands on various android versions. It comes with a junk cleaner to eliminate junk files, a battery optimizer to improve the battery life, photo analyzer to remove similar/duplicate pictures.

It can decrease the size of images without damaging the quality of any image. As the developer is AVG, this is a 100% safe application available in the app market.

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AVG Cleaner Android App Download

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Insufficient memory problem and the android system RAM overflow are common problems every android user face.

As every person cannot afford to buy an expensive high-end mobile device, this kind of app can boost the system.

So, many people are looking for excellent android booster software to use. AVG cleaner APK is only a fantastic app to eliminate the problem.

Furthermore, there are four main functions of the app. A junk cleaner to clean unwanted files. Battery saver. Because of these features, many people use this app daily.

Above all, it is an excellent app for heavy users!

The latest version, avg pro-APK 4.14.0, is improved for the latest android operating systems for better performance. So the developers continuously try to improve the user experience by fixing bugs.

However, please remember to turn on unknown resources from the setting when you install the Capk version. Otherwise, you will not be able to install the software.

You can try the paid version for free using the 30-day free trial if you like to test it before installing.

If you need a video editor app to edit videos of AVG Cleaner Pro, you can try Cute Cut Pro APK from their official website.

AVG Cleaner PC Download [ AVG TuneUp ]

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There is an old version of AVG cleaner for windows. They released the new version in 2022 as AVG PC TuneUp.

This software has the same functionalities as the cleaner app. So you can download and try this version from this official website.

Here you can download the old version from our site. But, you should try out the new version of AVG Cleaner PC with a clean user interface. They have a free trial on the latest version.

The pc version can improve the performance of any windows pc. They also have an option to check files that are missing in the system and fix them.

The software is useful if you want to secure your pc and correct all the lost data. All in all, you will be able to boost your pc and run smoothly.

We highly recommend to download and install the new version of the pc version to protect your data.

The PC software was also developed by AVG antivirus. So we can give a 100% trust score on the application.

If you feel confident, you can use the software to improve your pc performance within a few clicks.

Advantages of using AVG cleaner

AVG Cleaner Pro Latest Version

If you need an all in one android application to boost your device, avg leaner is the solution. With a lot of functions, it is the best solution for all your problems.

As a top of the best memory cleaning app, avg cleaner wins more love from fans worldwide. And comparatively, you can trust it and give access to core areas in your hardware.

Some applications can access your private data, and they may use them to attack you back. As an old and trusted antivirus company, we can trust AVG to protect our data more than anyone else.

There are so many benefits of using AVG Cleaner Pro APK.

  • All in one solution to optimize the smartphone
  • Directly connect with your AVG account
  • Connect with avg cloud and securely store files
  • Last longing battery life
  • Optimize low-quality photos
  • Delete duplicate files
  • Track the android app usage
  • Track the apps consume a lot of RAM
  • Directly uninstall unuseful apps with the assistance of avg cleaner pro
  • Use eye-catching themes for a handy user interface
  • It supports many Android versions
  • Fast help & customer support from AVG
  • Low subscription fees
  • 30 days free trails for all users

Above all, if you choose to use AVG Cleaner Pro!


You can also download the official version from the play store or Everexstore for Android APKs and try the free trial first.

If you like to enjoy pro features for free, then you can download the pro version from this site. However, we have tested the APK and confirmed it was working well.

We will provide you guidance on using the pro version avg cleaner anytime. And we do not host any files on our server.

So if you have any question or if you found any bugs, please be kind to contact the third party file provider. We can say all apps we share are 100% safe to use 🙂

AVG Cleaner for MAC

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If you need to make your MAC faster and better, you can download the MAC version. MAC version of avg cleaner is also a software package with the same functions and possibilities.

You can use it as a cache, junk cleaner. Also, if you are running out of the hard drive space, you can clean your hard drive within few clicks.

Scanning speed is super fast like a beast! It can find duplicate files and remove them as well.

Mac can integrate it with AVG protection.  Optionally, you can add devices to control remotely from a Windows PC throughout AVG ZEN panel.

But, keep in mind if you have deleted anything, there is no way to undo it back. So, use it carefully.

So, if you need to learn more about the android version you can check out other articles on our website.

You can download the correct version that suitable for your operating system. Also, all of the above apps developed by AVG Mobile 🙂

We respect those developers to build such helpful software to optimise any device within a few minutes.


AVG Cleaner Pro