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As AVG has windows and android versions, MAC version is the same as windows. This software is created to clean up junk, cache files from your MAC computer to achieve maximum performance. If your storage is full, this is the best solution to try out. It can free up the hard disk by cleaning unwanted files from the pc. So, you will be able to use that free memory to store other useful data.

The software is designed to find duplicate data or hogging space faster by scanning the system. So you can delete unwanted things to free up your RAM and HDD. Besides, Using ZEN Panel, you can control your MAC computer throughout a windows pc with the help of AVG cleaner mac.

If you are a daily MAC user, this software is beneficial to improve its performance. You can track and uninstall software you don’t use often. Also, you can remove any redundant data from your pc. Btw, you have to be careful when you use this feature as once you deleted you cannot undo any of the files. You can buy it for $79.99/year from the official avg website.

Advantages of using AVG Cleaner for MAC

  • Optimise the PC with a few clicks
  • Reduce the RAM usage
  • Eliminate junks, cookies and cache
  • Remotely control the computer using another device with the help of ZEN Panel
  • Free to download
  • Fast system scanning
  • Scan blurry, low-quality photos and remove them
  • Turn on fully automatic mode to perform all scans automatically
  • Remove redundant data
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Lifetime updates via AVG
  • Trusted by people all over the world
  • Excellent battery optimiser for notebook users

System Requirements

macOS (OS X) 10.10 Yosemite or newer version

62 MB of free hard disk space

Tips for MAC users

If you decided to use the software, be careful about what you delete or uninstall using the software. Because you can’t undo any of them again. We recommend not to use automatic control mode for your safety. The reason is, the software automatically scans and remove unwanted files without asking for permission. Most of the time, the software is correct. But it is best to scan your computer manually before deleting anything.


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